UrhG Coalition for Action
"Copyright for Education and Research"

Aktionsbündnis ,,Urheberrecht für Bildung und Wissenschaft"
Göttingen Declaration 2004
Requirements 2013
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The Coalition of Copyright for Education and Research is representing the interests of Research and Education with regard to the amendment of the German Law on Intellectual Property Right (UrhG Urheberrechtsgesetz) in the policital discussion. The broader our basis, the more effective we are.

If you support the aims of the Coalition, please sign the Göttingen Declaration! We praise every idealistic and active support.

How to sign the Göttingen Declaration?

You may sign the Göttingen Declaration as

  1. Organisation in the field of Research or Education

  2. Learned Society, Federation, Institution

  3. personal signatory

For this, download the Göttingen Declaration [PDF-Datei] [RTF-Datei] [DOC-Datei] , enter the asked for information on page 3 to identiy your instition/organisation, and sign the Declaration.

Send the original copy to the office of the „Urheberrecht für Bildung und Wissenschaft e.V.“

For personal signatorie the procedure is more simple: Just use the Online-Form.

Wir will add you or your institution to the list of signatories and publish this.

Please check also our protection of privacy legend.